Do you know people who has said, “I’ve tried prayer and it doesn’t work”?

Me too.  

In fact, at times I’ve been that person.  

I’ve stood out in the lobby after church and listened to people tell me their problems and then when I talk about prayer they say… “I tried that… and it didn’t work.”

Years of this scenario caused me to do a deep dive into what Jesus said to people when they asked him for things.  His answers surprised me. And they might surprise you. 

His answers gave me seven things to do AFTER we say AMEN. Will you help me share them with others?

On October 17th we’ll release the book:

After Amen: What to do While You’re Waiting on God

My prayer is that this book will be a guide for anyone who is currently frustrated with prayer. This will help them see exactly what I learned about what to do while waiting on God. This will help us all see God’s answers in our lives, even when they are not what we’d hoped or maybe even more than we expected.

So, will you help me get the word out by becoming part of the launch team?

All I need from you is to spread the word about the book on social media a few times and write a review on Amazon.  We’ll even send you things to post – it’s that easy!

And as our way to say thanks… once you sign up, we’ll email you the first chapter of the book. And then in October, we’ll send you a free copy of the book two weeks before release!

How’s that for value?

Just click here to sign up. 

Know anyone frustrated with prayer… me too. Let’s help them together. 

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