One of our most popular annual series at Real Life Church is kicking off on Father’s Day weekend: At the Movies 2021!

For the past few years we’ve taken a few weeks to use popular movies to serve as our illustrations to Biblical teachings.

Just like Jesus used stories, farming analogies, object lessons, and even people to convey his truth; and for many centuries, churches have done the same. 

This series uses one of our cultures most popular mediums – movies – to apply ancient wisdom with memorable means. And what we’ve found is it’s one of the easiest series to invite a friend to attend. 

I mean, who doesn’t like movies and popcorn?!

Want to know what movies we are using this year? Well, I may not be able to reveal that information just yet… But, here are a few things that will make this year different than before (and a few hints about what is coming):

1 • We’ll be inside! 

Last year we had to stay outside and online, but this year promises a fantastic viewing experience inside our church campuses in Simi Valley, Valencia, and Lancaster.  For locations and service times, click here

2 • Binge worthy!

While many of us watched movies over the past year, more of us spent quarantine binging TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.  So… Out of the 6 weeks we’ll be doing this series, we are including 2 movies and 4 popular shows!

3 • Phygital!

Have you heard this new word? It’s a combination of physical and digital. Meaning, we’ll have unique experiences both in our physical location and in our online location. 

For instance: one week you will be able to hear the message and see the movie clips on campus, and you can also hear a unique message and see an interview with one of the stars of the movie online.

Trust me, you’re going to want to experience them both. 

4 • Time to come back!

Been waiting to attend a physical campus? Well, now is your time. 

Masks will be optional after June 15 and for those still not ready for that, we’ll have a “mask only” section to make sure you feel comfortable.

Click here to get the latest gathering updates. 

5 • What movies?!

Well, I can’t reveal that, but I can give you some hints: sweep the leg, Christmas cookies, and the GOAT to name a few… Good luck! 

See you at the movies. Until then, “the balcony is closed”. 

Your Pastor,
Rusty George 


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