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Happy Anniversary

On May 21, 1994, I stood on a stage and watched Lorrie Miller walk down the aisle. We thought we were so progressive by not using Mendelssohn's traditional Wedding March, but rather Trumpet Voluntary, but then the trumpet player played it like he had his lips...

Rusty George - Happy Anniversary
Faith and Culture

Being A Christian In Public

How to express or endorse your faith in public is one of the hardest things to do as a follower of Jesus in the 21st Century. It has always been that way, but given how connected we are as a culture and how globalized we are as a society, it just seems to be...

Rusty George - Being a Christian in Public

Bad Ideas for Mother’s Day

My dad was infamous for presenting bad gifts. One Mother's Day he came in from the garage, tossed a brown bag to my mom and said, “Happy Mother’s Day,” and then returned to the garage to work on the car. Touching. Fortunately, I’m a bit better at gifts than he was,...

Rusty George - Bad Ideas for Mother’s Day
Faith and Culture

Balancing Conversation and Evangelism

Have you ever been in a conversation with a Christian who is obviously engaging with you with the sole intent on “converting” you to Christ? I’m a Christian pastor and I still get this every so often either by someone who is convinced I’m either not Christian...

Rusty George - Balancing Conversation and Evangelism

When You Realize You Are In Over Your Head As a Parent

There was shouting, there were tears, and then there was silence. And Lorrie and I just stood there as one of our daughters stormed out of the room. What do I do? Chase after her? Demand she come to us? Give her the “not in this home, young lady” speech? Everyone...

Rusty George - When You Realize You Are In Over Your Head As a Parent
Faith and Culture

Only God Can Judge Me

When was the last time you heard someone say, “Don’t judge me!” when someone simply disagreed with what they were saying? Or, “Only God can judge me!” Being “judgy” has become a really negative term in our day and retorts like these are almost a high card for...

Rusty George - Only God Can Judge Me

What Guys Are Actually Saying

We men are not the most articulate creatures. We often have entire conversations with each other that consist of grunts, “dudes" and movie quotes. So when it comes to communicating with the highly intelligent and verbal female gender, we often feel like we are...

What Guys Are Actually Saying
Faith and Culture

Mind Your Manners

If you’re like me, you watch the news at night or go on social media and think to yourself, “the world is just getting worse.” People, it seems, are just out for themselves, are becoming more and more inconsiderate and the things that divide us are becoming easier...

Rusty George - Mind Your Manners
Faith and Culture

To What Degree Can We Disagree?

I gave some pointers last week on the blog about “how to live in a fragmented world.” I mentioned that just because there is disagreement, particularly within church communities, that doesn’t mean there is disunity. Just because we are unified, doesn’t mean we...

Rusty George - To What Degree Can We Disagree?

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