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Vlog: Have A Plan

Are you planning to fail? Now obviously you’d probably say, “No! Of course not”, but the old adage is, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. There are many things in our lives that are important to us, but are we planning to make those things a success?
Rusty George - Vlog: Have A Plan
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13 Reasons Why

Last year, Netflix released a series that absolutely took the world by storm and it was based on this book entitled 13 Reasons Why, that depicted the story of a high school girl that took her own life. With season 2 right around the corner, I encourage all parents to have a discussion with their children about topics such as suicide, rape, drug abuse and bullying. This is a reality in our high schools today, so as parents, let's engage rather than disengage.
Rusty George - Vlog: 13 Reasons Why

Lessons from Vacation Fails

Ever since Clark W. Griswold “took the tribe cross-country to Wally World," we’ve all been making our attempts to plan the best vacation ever only to encounter some unexpected challenges. Vacation fails escape no one, and here are just a few of mine.
Rusty George - Lessons from Vacation Fails
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Your Pastor Is A Sinner

Your pastor isn't perfect, but we assume he or she should be close, right? That's why when we hear of their fall from grace we are so shocked by their behavior. After all, they were our moral authority and example. They were the closest thing to Jesus we could see....

Rusty George - Your Pastor Is A Sinner
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Summer of Love: 1 John 2:3-11

One of the main things that have divided churches for hundreds of years is the subject of “change.” Many things play into this sort of division such as what is actually changing, the pace of the change, who is on either side of the change, and so on. Usually, it...

Rusty George - Summer of Love: 1 John 2:3-11

Summer Reading 2018

Everyone wants their summer to be the “best summer ever," but then we get overwhelmed and anxious about pulling it off. Here are a few books that will bring rest to your soul, health to your home, and hope for your heart. That sounds like a good summer to me! 1....

Rusty George - Summer Reading 2018

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